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Learning Objectives

  1. Explain and interpret the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders.
  2.  Identify risk factors for early psychosis. 
  3. Identify when and how to utilize appropriate psychosis screening and monitoring tools.
  4. Evaluate safety risks for patients and healthcare providers, including risk of violence assessment and suicide risk assessment.
  5. Review and interpret the Canadian Schizophrenia treatment guidelines.
  6. Categorize and compare the unique characteristics of antipsychotic treatments including initiation, dosing and monitoring. 
  7. Describe and interpret the Health Canada indications for antipsychotics with respect to children and adolescents.

Guest speaker

Dr. Ric Procyshyn

Doctor of Pharmacy

Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry 

Dr. Ric Procyshyn is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, UBC. 
He also holds the position of clinical research psychopharmacologist at the BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services Research Institute and acts as a consultant for the BC Psychosis Program. 

Ric has authored over 180 articles in peer-reviewed journals; is the principal editor of the Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs; and is the co-developer of the SwitchRx website. 

Dr. Procyshyn enjoys teaching and has been awarded several teaching awards from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia.

Program Materials

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  • Live-stream

  • Live Q&A

  • Certificate