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Learning Objectives

  1. Explain and interpret the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for ADHD in adults.
  2. Identify when and how to utilize appropriate ADHD screening and monitoring tools.
  3. Compare how ADHD changes from childhood into adolescence and adulthood, including the associated risks of untreated illness.
  4. Review and interpret the CADDRA ADHD treatment guidelines.
  5. Categorize and compare the unique characteristics of psychostimulant and non-stimulant treatments, including initiation, dosing and monitoring.
  6. Identify common comorbid conditions and determine the appropriate approach to treatment for patients with ADHD and psychiatric comorbidities.
  7. Critique treatment myths and analyze the evidence to enhance the confident diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in an adult population.

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  • Evaluation Survey & Certificate of Attendance